Welcome! Enjoy a farm stay at Zeediekhoeve!

Experience the charm of the countryside in all its facets! Zeediekhoeve Kamperzeedijk is located in the municipality Zwartewaterland in the Polder Mastenbroek, also known as the “Nationaal Landschap IJsseldelta”. The river IJssel, the “Zwartewater” and Zwartemeer bound the area. In this region there is plenty of agricultural activity. You can enjoy your vacation in a beautiful environment. 

Kamperzeedijk is an ancient Ijsseldelta and in earlier years it was a major land connection to the North. By the IJssel mouth and Zwartewater it was an important transit port into the Hanseatic Route Kampen, Zwolle and Hasselt.

Local history tells many rough and tough battles. In Roman times the high-altitude settlements were surrounded by the area, now named Polder Mastenbroek. Mastenbroek is one of the oldest polders in the Netherlands. Kamperzeedijk (the seawall protecting Mastenbroek) is since that time an important connection. The dike has many inns known (now no longer existing). The memorials stone “the White Sheep” is a final reminder of one of the inns.

The legend tells that Napoleon Bonaparte visited Kamperzeedijk. The “White Sheep” takes its name from a number of French soldiers who get lost at night in the fog in the marshy Mastenbroek polder. A blaring white sheep led them to Kamperzeedijk through the thick fog. The stone commemorates this legend can be found in a corner house at Sheep Lane (located at the opposite side of the pub “the pompe” in Kamperzeedijk).

Kamperzeedijk is embellished with numerous wells that have emerged from previous dikes. The Zeediekhoeve itself is situated on one of the biggest drains on the Kamperzeedijk. Also, the luxury holiday farm Zeediekhoeve is located on the Zuiderzeepad. This is a long-distance hiking trail along the river Ijssel running from Stavoren to Enkhuizen, with a total length of 400 km. The Zeediekhoeve is located in the beautiful IJsseldelta area where you can spend holiday to enjoy and relax. Here you will find out that you can completely relax in this beautiful area.

We are looking forward to welcome you as our guest at the Zeediekhoeve!